- After six years of successful partnering with COMMITTEE FILMS on such shows as America Unearthed for H2 and the ongoing ABC docudrama In An Instant, we proudly announce our latest collaboration with COMMITTEE FILMS - True Monsters.

Premiering Friday, October 9, at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT on HISTORY®, the show digs deep to reveal the real monsters behind our greatest legends. Exposing surprising truths and devilish secrets of Satan, demons, myths and timeless tales, it’s what you always wanted to know about the Underworld but were afraid to ask.

Similar to our previous work with COMMITTEE FILMS, we provided finishing, design, color, and visual effects (VFX), as well as sound design and mixing. Once the creative was locked and loaded, we sealed the project via our mastering for digital delivery, preparing each episode to meet the network’s strict broadcast standards.

“Almost all of our dramatic projects start with consulting the team at SPLICE,” says Committee Film’s Ben Krueger, Director of True Monsters. “They are our partners every step of the way, from planning through filming, and then, of course, in post where they flawlessly execute all FX, color, and sound design. This is even truer for our collaboration on True Monsters for History.”

Led by VFX supervisor Patricio Fernandez, our VFX team was involved from the beginning, encompassing pre-production, pre-viz, on-set supervision, preliminary composites, and final execution. The result is yet another striking realization of COMMITTEE FILMS’ vision, cooked to perfection.

“The dynamic relationship with Committee allowed all this to happen within a very short production schedule,” says Patricio. “They are a great team that valued our guidance on the set to get what we needed to make their ideas work, and then the flexibility and autonomy to run with those ideas. Together we’ve conjured up a ‘terrifying’ display of some of the most notorious monsters, myths and legends in history.”

From the beginning, it became apparent to our team that the many interpretations of these mythical figures would require vastly different designs to achieve the “right look” for each of the corresponding effects.

Explains Patricio, “With the David and Goliath episode, logistics made it impossible to have several hundred extras on location, so we set out to create an army for Goliath out of just a few extras in costume. This was a case where we were able to do a lot with a little and help the production team create a visually stunning experience.”

“A different challenge,” he goes on to say “was the Medusa episode. The audience has seen this character so many times in film and TV, and creating a head full of snakes was difficult as a practical effect. So instead we created a CG head over the body of the actress. Thanks to all the pre-production between the two teams, we created this beautiful yet menacing character.”

Finally, says Patricio, “The last case was the Jersey Devil. Originally the monster was to be implied rather than shown, but early cuts felt that they could use a glimpse of the beast. So we created a digital character, and always open to our input, Committee loved it so much that this character later appeared in a different shot.”

“We literally could not have done True Monsters without them,” states Ben. “Creating a new series is always a fun, albeit difficult job, but having professional and creative partners like SPLICE allows us to push the boundary of what we can accomplish to it’s furthest point. It’s our hope that everyone who watches enjoys the efforts of both our teams as much as we all enjoyed working together to create it.”

In addition to True Monsters, the collaboration of SPLICE and COMMITTEE FILMS has resulted in several other upcoming shows airing Mondays on HISTORY during the next month. Secrets of Einstein’s Brain premieres November 2nd (8E/7C), then Bigfoot Captured airs November 9th (10E/9C). Rounding things out is Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed, hitting airwaves on November 16th (8E/7C).

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