SPLICE has a doppelgänger and it’s kind of awesome

SPLICE® has a doppelgänger and it’s kind of awesome

Introducing Splice London

04 August 2015 - A few years ago we became aware of another post house named Splice located in London. They seemed to do some of the same things we did: edit, finish, color. But they were half a world away and, frankly, we didn’t think much more about them at the time.

Recently we’ve found ourselves working with more clients from across the country and around the world and we started thinking, “Hey, what’s up with Splice London?” We were scoring a film at world-famous AIR Studios in London so we rode the tube over to Splice and introduced ourselves. We were gobsmacked by how alike both Splice’s really were.

They do the same things we do, just in a different country. Sure, there are differences. They say bespoke, we say custom. They spell it colour, we write it as color. But there are many more similarities. They’re based in the fashionable East End, we’re headquartered in the trendy North Loop. We both occupy historic buildings older than our great-grandparents. But mostly, we each pride ourselves on providing world-class post services in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Together, we came up with a bold idea: what if we form an alliance? An honest-to-goodness intercontinental, ocean-spanning, working alliance. If one of our clients needs post services in the UK, they can go to Splice/UK. If any of their clients are headed for the states, they can come to Splice/US for the same great experience.

Now it won’t matter if you’re in Shoreditch London, the west side of Los Angeles or the Minneapolis warehouse district—you’ll find the same dedication to one-stop creative post-production under the same name. Splice.

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