The SPLICE Team Welcomes Vicki Harms

The SPLICE® Team Welcomes Vicki Harms

We anticipate great things

20 May 2014 - Vicki has come to us with a Media Communications degree from DePauw University to start a career in post-production. As our new Client Services Coordinator, Vicki brings some unique talents and personal accomplishments to the table, err lunch table. At Splice, we love to serve interesting meals from all over the world (We all work better with a happy belly, don’t we?). Vicki can say she’s been all over the world, she loves to travel; France, The Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, South Africa, and Zambia are places she has visited. Please don’t offer Vicki your frequent flyer miles or we might not see her again for a while! In her downtime, Vicki can be found creating and sewing her own clothing. The mannequin in her apartment is used for more than whizzing down the express lanes during rush hour, it helps her create amazing custom ensembles. Check out her pictures below.

SPLICE® is an award-winning studio designing and creating engaging entertainment solutions. An eclectic mix of artists includes creative direction, design, edit, visual effects, color and sound with the support of a powerful team of technologists. We partner with global brands, agencies, networks and content creators to tell visually compelling stories in unique ways across all platforms. Collaborations include feature films, broadcast television, commercials, experiential design and retail networks.

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