A Creative Edit for ABC's - In An Instant

A Creative Edit for ABC's - In An Instant

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20 March 2015 - Once again, the partnering of SPLICE® and Committee Films has made the unbelievable believable.

In An Instant, a new ABC primetime series that tells true tales of survival, was created, produced, and initially edited by Committee Films. Then, utilizing a combined effort of over twenty artists, project managers, and technicians, SPLICE® completed all post-production, including sound design and mix, visual effects creation, color grading, and edit finishing. So successful was SPLICE®’s contribution that by the third episode - "Grizzly Attack" - it had expanded to include offline editing.

With the help of the creative staff from Committee Films, SPLICE® editors Chadwick Nelson and Cody Brown distilled hours of interview and reenactment footage into the terrifying story of a father saving his daughter from a violent encounter with a grizzly bear. While this portrait of a celebratory hike gone awry is compelling enough as recounted first-hand, the recreation reaches dizzying heights thanks to the talent and skill of Chad and Cody.

You can catch all episodes of In An Instant on abc.go.com or hulu.com.

SPLICE® is an award-winning studio designing and creating engaging entertainment solutions. An eclectic mix of artists includes creative direction, design, edit, visual effects, color and sound with the support of a powerful team of technologists. We partner with global brands, agencies, networks and content creators to tell visually compelling stories in unique ways across all platforms. Collaborations include feature films, broadcast television, commercials, experiential design and retail networks.

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